Vanessa Hudgens has Hindu gods painted onto her nails

the same hands she uses to wipe her ass 



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Ahhh I just want to keep working into the night tbh but I know it’s a better idea to get some sleep and come back to it with fresh eyes in the morning, esp as what’s remaining will no doubt be the most frustrating part of the process. So to sleep it is!!

The adrenaline is pumping and my heart is soaring and I’m just so excited you guys :)) I came home early from traveling through the uk bc I wanted to enter this competition and it’s really been worth it IMO :))

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Anonymous wondered,
you didn't even start a trend though, it was already popular in other fandoms

oh yeah, totally aware of that! the color palettes are all over tumblr. did not exist in the bollywood fandom prior to my 2 states edit though, which is what I meant

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Ram Leela + Social Media

Inspired by x
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most creative thing i've seen today tbh - great job anne! - ramleela - ram leela -

lolol i didn’t even know i started a trend bc i made that post at 2am and then i’ve been staring at photoshop and after effects all day


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I feel educated

Where was this when I was in calculus

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what the hell i might have actually gotten an a in calc had i had this - smfh -

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AAAH THERE'S MORE - prince poofball - prince george - LOOK AT HIM I WANT TO SQUISH HIMMMM -

voiceover is done

music is chosen (now i need to figure out how to soften the track itself)

the final step really now is to make the video itself

and i do have till 6pm tomorrow to figure all of it out, and i’m not really doing anything super crazy so i think i can do it!!

guys this is happening!!

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song for my video!

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to do:

-write voiceover script

-record voiceover script

-find perfect background music for video

-finish video

-render video

-media codec? idk what this is yet will figure it out

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