The apparition of these faces in the crowd
Petals on a wet, black bough


been watching SO MUCH sailor moon lately

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Sailor Jupiter by ~RedreevGeorge

OMG ♥.♥ This redesign from the same guy who drew this is freaking AWESOOOOOME!!!

I think somehow I never reblogged this. God DAMN do I love this, and its companion piece for Venus. Mako. MAKO. On Tokyo Tower perhaps? Fuku all ripped and cuts everywhere (which, as previously discussed, I ADORE, YES, show me evidence of my girls fighting with everything they have, I need it). But SO CALM.

Jupiter’s usually so aggressive in battle, but look at her here. She’s at one of the highest points of the city, on a tiny little ledge, showing signs of having been through a hell of a fight and it’s not done yet, but she’s utterly calm. Or maybe exhausted? Maybe they’re just mopping up now, picking off the stray monsters after some major battle? And all Mako wants to do is check that the others are okay, get patched up, and go the hell home to bed. She’s got a test in the morning to barely pass!

This artist always draws me in. I didn’t dare hope for any more after Venus, but now we have two of them, I sincerely hope we get a full set. I can’t wait to see what they do with the other characters.




"I really don’t want to shower but I want to be clean" an autobiography

"Now that I’m in the shower I really dont wanna get out" a sequel

"Now that I’m out, I don’t want to put on clothes" the spin-off

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People seem to forget that she studied languages and the classics at uni.





Meet the Forty Elephants.


This is the name of a gang based out of London. With bedecked knuckles of diamond rings, the leader “Diamond Annie” (real name Alice Diamond) led this fierce all-female force of shoplifters that terrorized high quality stores in the West End of London and in other cities. 


Also, here are two members of the Forty Elephants:


Florrie Holmes


Maggie Hughes

From about 1873 - 1950 (though, there are some indications of reports as early as the late 1700’s), these women - with their specially tailored suits and their fast cars (when the 20th century rolled around) were virtually unstoppable and went nearly undetected from police.

They were ruthless and pitiless when it came to their “turf”. If anyone was caught stealing from one of their stores, they would arrange beatings and even kidnappings until the money was paid. 

They were rebellious, decadent, and knew how to have a good time. They loved to throw lavish parties and even more they loved to live it up at the finest pubs and restaurants. 

They were incredibly smart and maintained avoiding police detection by using fake names and rarely wearing what they stole. They usually bought high fashion clothes for themselves and sold what they stole. 

Sometimes, they went into partnership with the all-male “Elephant and Castle Mob.


Which in turn, made it even more difficult for police to apprehend them. These women ran one of the largest operations of organized shoplifting their country had ever known. And yet, some of us are *just barely* hearing about them. 

My God, when will there be a movie, dangit.

Basically the original Bling Ring

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"towards you"

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what rock group has four men that don’t sing


mount rushmore 

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favorite songs ► pani da rang (vicky donor, 2012)