ok but literally how

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happening in the world today.

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celeb - lol - taylor swift - selena gomez - smfh -

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qts - emma stone - andrew garfield - this is the interview where i first heard his regular voice? - it's so cute aaah - i have a crush on his voice - it's ridiculous -

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heY baby doll whatz up, want to join meh tonight ;)

yeah hottie u sound so sexy ;)))

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hasraton - hahahahaha i love you guys so much -

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hello priya can i have kik u very soni kuri

hahahaha for you anything baby doll xx

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wreckthisblogs - haha wait and watch the next creepy message i'm gonna get is going to be from someone who calls me baby doll -



“I didn’t know anything about dolls. I didn’t know what they were made from, how long it takes to make them, I knew nothing,” Williams confessed. “What I had was the desire to produce a product that would uplift the self-esteem of our little girls. From that vision I worked to find manufacturers and learn. I researched how to do it.”

A few years ago my mother’s best friend, Dr. Lisa Williams, got the idea to start a line of dolls aimed at increasing the self-worth and esteem of little black girls.
These dolls have been important to me, even as an adult, in that they are creating an image of black girls that is a reflection of their beauty. Something healthy, and something attainable. The motto is "Positively Perfect, Just the Way Your Are."
Having had the opportunity to witness the process, it warms me to say that they have truly been made with love.
Where to find them:


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these dolls are gorgeous!! - dolls - representation -


Can we have another “Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.” post with the words

  • their 
  • okay
  • but
  • though
  • say
  • no
  • and
  • left
  • around
  • me
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damn girl look at you with all the notes on this! - ok so - ignore the fact that most people associate PanAm with their Clipper flights to Hawai'i - (what?? i've never used that tag??) - I AM NOT OKAY - .lol not sure if this has been posted yet but I didn't see it in between the sex riot yet - (what the fuck i've never used that tag either where is this coming from) - though i get hey pripri as often as hey mate - i honestly think if i met him i'd just become completely incoherent and unable to think of anything intelligent to say - ....i had no idea ocelots sound like this - and also 5 - lol I swiped left - around - MEERA HAVE YOU SEEN THIS -

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good lord.

hahaha mte

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wartortleandpeace -


"Belle" Hits Theatres on May 2, 2014

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yes good - i hope it releases here! - i want to see it on the big screen - belle -

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Can uou link me to the avril video

i apologize in advance for the assault on your eyes and ears

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anon -