The apparition of these faces in the crowd
Petals on a wet, black bough


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oh that’s not too bad, so do you see your parents often? like on weekends?

about twice a month so far, but i probably won’t be going home much from here on out tbh, as my workload is increasing

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the only legend of korra photoset I will ever need to make

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how far are you from home?

about 2.5 hours!

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Oh my god…


the un are having a conference on gender equality and have only invited men like that was an actual joke on parks and recreation and now it has happened in real life

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i really want Groove Inc to make Pullips of all the scouts and a Dal of Chibiusa

all i want is a Chibiusa dal

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ermahgerd do it its so pretty!

haha i don’t have the money! i’m a poor grad student right now lol

if i had a job i wouldn’t even think about it, it’s worth splurging on yourself sometimes, but i have to be frugal!

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There’s a definite difference between “needing” protection and protection being given to you regardless by someone that loves and cares for you.

Usagi didn’t ask for protection in this scene. She was the one telling him to run just moments beforehand because she knew they were in a dangerous situation and didn’t want to see Mamoru hurt. Am I saying that Usagi wouldn’t have been badly injured (or worse) if Mamoru hadn’t helped her? No. But it’s the principle of this thing that bothers me.

I hate the stereotype that the only kinds of girls capable of defending themselves and being badass are the ones that rely on no one else ever and if they’re ever protected by anything with a male reproductive organ, they’re automatically not strong all on their own. No one would be complaining if it was one of the girls helping Usagi out here or if it was Usagi helping out Mamoru instead. When you care for someone, you want to protect them. That’s just what you do, regardless of your gender of theirs and acting on that instinct doesn’t make either of you weak or in ‘constant need’ of protection.

I’m so glad that all the comments on this post are people pointing out how the images are bogus. Being strong and independent doesn’t mean you never need help or you never need protection or you never need saving. No matter what, people should always seek help, love people who are committed to protecting them, and fight with people who have your back. Whenever people complain about Mamoru saving Usagi in any version of Sailor Moon, I have to roll my eyes because most of the time it’s her and the senshi battling evil and Mamoru will lend a hand like the rest of them.

Usagi herself is almost always an active character. She constantly saves Mamoru in return or takes blows for him. She constantly saves other people, male and female alike. It really made an impression on me how Usagi in all versions talks about how she will protect Mamoru. I’m so used to stories where the women never say anything like that about a man, because it’s understood that the man does all the protecting. But Usagi always makes it a point to say or think that she will protect Mamoru just as much as he protects her.

If you say Crystal!Usagi is weak, you’re not paying attention at all to all that she’s accomplished and done, how she’s become so brave and responsible so fast.

Yeah, what is this gaslighting bullshit? Usagi very clearly told him between these images to go home so he’d avoid getting hurt, likely stemming from his guilt before at being unable to protect her. Recieving help & being appreciative  =/= needing or asking for it.

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so i saw this coat from the scandal collection at the limited when i went to the mall with my suitemate last week and it is sooo gorgeous and soft, if it wasn’t $250 i would buy it right now tbh

want so badly, ahhh

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