The apparition of these faces in the crowd
Petals on a wet, black bough

It’s so hard when your relatives harbour these archaic and awful views and you want to argue with them…. but they’re your relatives… And let’s not forget the caste system now *rolls eyes* That’s not even between different ethnicities!

Yeah, you’ve got the racism, you’ve got the colorism, you’ve got the caste system, the regionism, the sexism, and it aaaaaaall comes out when you spend too much time with your family.

I love being Indian, but there are some parts of it that make me ridiculously sick.

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  1. alittledropofheaven said: The best part for me is the food. Have you ever had gola??? It’s like the crushed ice on a stick and then they give you a little glass of flavoured juice stuff. ;_; and my grandmas cooking. AND THE STREET VENDORS
  2. deanepay said: I’d start listing all the songs in praise of fair skin, but that’d take us to 3012. Yay publicly accepted colorism!
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