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Nancy Drew, who are you?

Can someone knowledgeable please explain this Nancy Drew thing to me? Why is there a fandom? Last I knew she was a popular literary figure occasionally spoofed in Kate Beaton’s comics and made into a silly film starring Emma Roberts. What am I missing out on here?

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  1. folkmagick answered: omg..
  2. nikitamaria answered: The games! And if you haven’t played one yet, you’re missing out! But the fandom’s a fine community, so feel free to ask anything. :)
  3. forsooth-verily answered: I was hooked on the video games when I had mere moments to disarm a bomb in a dressing room
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    Ah, those games were the missing link! I’m all about loving on literature, but people kept referring to characters and...
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    Well first, it’s a book series so it can definitely have a fandom. Continuations and spin-offs are still being published...
  6. right-2-left answered: ND novels (4 diff. series off the top of my head) + graphic novels + a series of comp. games + couple TV shows = Fandom for ND
  7. kokokringlesandsonnyjoon answered: Because there are 27 Nancy Drew games. They make up the bulk of the fandom.