1. what about pamplemousse? it’s french for grapefruit :)

omg pamplemousse is so adorable, that is going on the list of potential names!

  1. You’re welcome! Awww those are great ideas! >u < Give us an update when you decide on his name, okay? And eeee he looks so big and fluffy! Where do you put him? Is there enough room on the bed? x3

I will for sure! And haha yeah no, there is no room on my bed at all. At all. I’ve got five Disney Animator’s Collection dolls, a giant Bubbles (PPG) plush, a long Hello Kitty pillow, a strawberry pillow, a Totoro plush, and some other things I can’t remember right now sitting on it, so mr. alpaca will have to live elsewhere!