here is some more shit i am tired of in my ya lit

  • the one thing the dystopia never anticipated was our love
  • our heterosexual love
  • feelings are illegal
  • in a world where everyone is the same can she be different
  • i just never felt attractive even though by some standards i’m kind of okay i guess i’m thin and white with shoulder length brown hair and big eyes
  • every book is a series there are at least four books here is how it goes
  • 1. fall in love dare to dream torn apart 2. hunting for lost love OH NO ANOTHER BOY 3. reunited this decision is awkward 4. bringing freedom and truth to the people whoops we’re turning into immortals and my dad is back 
  • i’m very mature for my age very grown up yes yes serious
  • this is an alternate world fantasy based on europe in the middle ages or something it is called ELYSIANA like things aren’t too bad peasantry is just kind of boring and the court is filled with backstabbing ladies in flounces who are jealous of my bond with the prince
  • what are familial relationships lol
  • this is a metaphor for racism starring white people and [magical species]
  • turns out you are the secret princess heir to the fairy kingdom and that’s why you were always too strange and quirky for normal humans to understand 
  • but the fairy kingdom isn’t all fun and games anymore….
  • my romantic best friend is always falling in love with the worst guys that fool not me i fall in love with no one
  • but what happens when i meet adrian, a handsome snarky white boy with secrets of his own
  • and what are these weird feelings i have for him
  • you’ll never guess
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