Yay, AG! I’m actually contemplating getting Josefina soon. Or at least some of the anniversary minis that I should have bought when they came out.

Josefina’s lovely! You should definitely get her. I don’t have her myself, but when I bought Marisol a few years ago, I renamed her Clara. Maybe I’ll buy Josefina to be her sister!

OOOO!!!! I was actually thinking of selling mine, but I just can’t D’: She’s the second POC doll so I really love her :’( I hope to get Marisol one day!

Haha no worries, I totally understand! My own POC AGs are Jess, Marisol (who I have given a new identity as Clara, Josefina’s older sister), and My Ag #47, who is Indian and who I’ve named Roshni. I love them all to pieces!

So regretting I didn’t get Kanani, especially since I live so close to AGPC that I always buy my dolls in person. In fact, with the exception of Samantha, Felicity, and Marisol, the other four AGs I own are all handpicked from the store. I saw so many Kananis when she was there, she was mine for the choosing. Ah well! Maybe prices will calm down in January. Or I will find a lucky deal, or something.

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    Mostly the 25th Anniversary ones in their holiday outfits: Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha and Kit. I want...
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    Pita’s such a lovely doll! She’s just Pita for me, but I can see how she would be a good Clara. Which minis are you...
  3. witchundertones said: Oh maaaaaaaan, American Girl dolls. I’ve wanted Molly my whole life, and you’ve just made me think about it!