The apparition of these faces in the crowd
Petals on a wet, black bough


Well this flu’s finally easing off, thank you all for the lovely messages! Worst thing about flu like this is that with all the shivers and feeling weak it’s really hard to draw so instead I just lied in bed reading The Hobbit again and few other books besides and pondered in my head about what if Princess and the Frog had actually been done as a complete fantasy princess movie like Tangled, Cinderella and so forth and had taken place in some imaginary pseudo-historical kingdom and Tiana had been born a princess to begin with?  I went back to the original fairytale and scribbled a little until after a week of not drawing my hand was hurting.  It really didn’t take long orz.

Part of me thinks the movie like this would had been so awesome, part of me is paranoid that for every person now complaining about how it’s not ok that Tiana is a waitress we’d have another complaining about something else and I just don’t want to go there, internet and the things people say there scares me sometimes. 

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