The apparition of these faces in the crowd
Petals on a wet, black bough

lafemmeindienne replied to your post: lafemmeindienne replied to your post: So I’m in…

drink a couple margaritas for me. and by a couple, i mean several. every day.

Girl you want me to gain like 12 pounds?

Jk I am totally going to try out some margaritas, though I had one earlier today and the bartender SUCKED so it tasted pretty bad. Still, maybe it was just her and the other bartenders are awesome. (I really hope that’s the case lol)

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  1. withasperity said: oh dumb. some time we have to meet up and I will make you my signature cheesecake drink! my friends call me a witch because they have no other explanation for it
  2. giggleshrug said: mango margaritas and pomegranate margaritas are LOVE.
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