The apparition of these faces in the crowd
Petals on a wet, black bough



venivididolli replied to your post: I just watched the first episode of Some Girls and…

I just made the mistake of taking a sip of pop while it was on and then almost spewed it across the screen, because this show is so damn funny. So much love!

Haha who’s your favorite character so far? Saz made me laugh the most in the last episode, but Holli’s pretty hilarious. I love Viva and Saz pretty equally though.

Definitely Saz. I just finished the scene where she’s looking at the naked chicks on Ryan’s phone and making the most hilarious faces ever.

Saz makes the BEST faces :D

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    Haha yeah, that is what’s so great about this show in particular- they really make each of the four girls stand out and...
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    And now I’m partway through ep 3 and I love Viva. Hell, I love them all!