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The notes make this really depressing as a guy reading this :(

Before I was even thirteen..

When I was 12…

when i was 7, sad really.

I think I was like 14 or 15. Even though I wasn’t fat at all and ran 4 miles a day on top of soccer and was very athletic. Then I got pregnant my senior year and gained like 60 lbs :/

ever since i was 6

i remember my mother saying i looked like i was six months pregnant when i was ten.

I found my diary from January 1993. I was born in September of 1987.  That means I was 5 years old. My number 1 new year’s resolution was “lose 10 pounds”. 

when you are trained by a professional ballerina you worry about your weight every day starting very young

i knew i was bigger than the other girls and that that was bad since probably 8 years old

11. As soon as I started getting hips, thighs, and a booty.

10, the first time I started trying to lose weight because I had gone from cute skinny pixie child to awkward, chubby preteen. The struggle continues 12 years later.

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