The apparition of these faces in the crowd
Petals on a wet, black bough


Guess what? Once again, we’re letting the whole Bollywood fandom come together. It’s time for Bollywood Valentines.  You’ll be given a person’s name — you might know them or not. You have to create something for them — it can be something photoshopped with their favorite actors or actresses, a nice message/note, or ANYTHING. Be creative.
Okay these are the rules, the rules are pretty simple. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • ·         By February 7th, if you want to play you have to FOLLOW this blog (
  • By the 9th, you’ll be assigned to a person, and you have 7 days (until the 14th) to make them anything you want.  Remember, if you don’t know Photoshop — you can still make them photosets with their fav actresses or write a nice note.
  • ·         By the 13th, submit your presents for your person on this blog
  • ·         On February 14th, we will post all the submissions as posts with a list of people who participated and then everyone guesses who their secret valentine was.

This is a great way to start new friendships! :) If you have any suggestions and/or ideas, let us know. :D

Also things to remember:
·         Do not message your person on anon and then follow them (you’re person will know its you)
·         When you send us submissions with your notes, do not put your name on it. You’re person will find out who you are after we’re done posting the whole thing.
·         If you didn’t get your message by the 7th on who you’re person is please message us, because we might have messaged you and tumblr ate our messages. So message us.
·         Also don’t forget to submit your gifts to us by the 13th.

Have fun! Hope you all have a good time doing this

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