The apparition of these faces in the crowd
Petals on a wet, black bough




If I ever get famous, I’m going to INSIST that irrelevant facts about me are included in every article, no matter what the context.

“The actress, whose first build-a-bear was named Lizzie, talked with us briefly about her time on the show.”

“The starlet, who prefers exactly four sugar packets in her latte, was spotted in Santa Monica this week with friends”

” ‘I had an awesome time meeting everyone and being around such talented people,’ remarked the cashew-hating actress”

Sahana stop. Your perfection is showing. 

“Thank you—you are too kind,” gushed the 21 year old garlic bread enthusiast. 


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    "Thank you—you are too kind," gushed the 21 year old garlic bread enthusiast.
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    Sahana stop. Your perfection is showing.