NORTH MEETS SOUTH -a freshly baked batch of fake posters (set 2) Click to enlarge

Under popular request I’ve made another set of north meets south fake posters. Some of these were requested and I’m sorry if they suck.

Memories of Night (*ing Farhan Akhtar & Rima Kallingal) mystery, sci-fi, romance - she only has fleeting memories of his face. memories that flash in her nightmares every night and she has no idea why.

Love & other useless things (*ing Ranbir Kapoor & Shruti Hassan)    comedy, drama, romance i.e chick flick- Priya (Shruti) is a serial heart-breaker and she doesn’t give a damn. Well not until ex-flame Akash (Ranbir) decides it’s time to get revenge and perhaps teach her a thing or two about love on the way.

requested by naadanmasakalli

Bewakoof Hai Dil (*ing Allu Arjun & Kareena Kapoor) musical romance - a timeless love story told through melody (music obviously done by A.R. Rahman na! lol)

requested by aasin55

Friend Zoned (*ing Siddharth Narayan & Sonam Kapoor) comedy, drama, romance - Sid (Siddharth) is secretly not so secretly in love with his workmate and childhood friend Sona (Sonam). Sadly, Sona struggles to see him as anything more then a really sweet, really good looking friend.

requested by naadanmasakalli

Faithfully Yours (*ing Sridevi, Mammootty & Anil Kapoor) family drama (somewhat of a hum dil de chuke sanam remake)- educated in Delhi, Lakshmi (Sridevi) enjoyed a pampered lifestyle and a fairytale romance with the well-to-do Rohan Mehra (Anil). all was well until her strict South Indian parents force her into marrying the traditional, middle class family friend, Hari (Mammootty). 20 years and 2 children later Hari and Lakshmi live a reasonably happy life together- but what happens when Mr. Mehra comes back into her life with the temptations of a rich lifestyle and the opportunity to leave her caring husband for the man she once loved.

These are really nice! dying @ COMING NEVER tho

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