look at this, itty bitty llama


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Julie D’Aubigny was a 17th-century bisexual French opera singer and fencing master who killed or wounded at least ten men in life-or-death duels, performed nightly shows on the biggest and most highly-respected opera stage in the world, and once took the Holy Orders just so that she could sneak into a convent and shag a nun.

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bisexual opera singer who killed ten men and snuck into a convent to shag a nun.

Just so y’all know, she later set that convent on fire so she and that nun could sneak out. And she seduced one of the men she’d dueled.

Also, dueling was a serious crime during her life, but the king of France essentially overturned her conviction on the grounds that the relevant law specifically referred to men. 

how has there never been a million stories about this badass
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Private Garden Paradise in Chelsea | HomeDSGN

“the garden is simply spectacular. The mature, fully-landscaped rooftop spreads over 1,600 square feet on multiple levels with fascinating architectural elements, making for intimate seating areas, sensory dining opportunities and infinite possibilities for entertaining. A rare, sensory retreat in the heart of the city.”

I love plants and I love cities.  A garden like this would be paradise for me

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