The apparition of these faces in the crowd
Petals on a wet, black bough

When I first auditioned it was at Hat Trick Offices and I auditioned for the role of Amber. I then got a recall for the same character but half way through the audition the producer came in and said “we’d like you to audition for the role of Sarah (my character’s previous name)”. They handed me the script and asked if I would like some time to prepare but I said “no, let’s just do it”… so we did. Then I got a call saying I had the part, but, because it was only the part for the BBC read through I tried not to get too excited. It was after the second read through at the BBC that I got the phone call from my agent to say that the show was going to series. That’s when it became real and they changed my character’s name from Sarah to Saz, and the writer asked if she could make her Indian (and I was like “YES OF COURSE YOU CAN”). I mean I am Indian after all. Haha. (x)

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