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"I think even with Mako, too, stuck in a job he hates, is a more adult kind of thing. When he was young he was the hotshot, an athlete and good looking guy, and now he’s just in this job he hates and doesn’t really have a life. That’s a very adult-type story."

—Bryan Konietzko answering,”With the time jump between Book Three and Book Four you’re now writing about characters who are in their twenties. Is that a fun transition compared to the young teens of Avatar, or a weird one?” x (via makos-lightningrod)


lok is my fave sitcom



So from what I gather, it looks like Korra reverted back to pre-Book 1 Korra in life circumstances - stuck back home in the South Pole, possibly on the compound, with no way out, and this time it’s even worse, because it’s not her training or the White Lotus keeping her there, it’s her own traumatized body and mind keeping her prisoner. For 2 and a half YEARS.

We already know how difficult the years on the compound before were, when she was vibrant, eager, looking forward to her life as the Avatar - it must have been infinitely worse this time around, due to her enormous physical and mental pain, her depression, her obvious PTSD. Can you imagine regressing back to when you were a teenager, feeling that you had failed, that you weren’t necessary anymore, that you were in a worst place than you even started from? I can’t imagine how excruciating that must have been.

So when her body cooperated, she did what she’d done 4 years ago, at the start of it all - she leaves, goes on her own path, but this time it’s not the one that leads to her duties and her role - she’s doing the same, but in the opposite direction, and not towards people she loves, but this time towards people she doesn’t know because she doesn’t want anyone to know her, just wants to get the shit kicked out of herself and kick the shit out of people. It’s a lot of self-loathing, a lot of hopelessness - the opposite of the emotions she displayed in Book 1.

This time, she’s not running towards the Avatar and all that comes with it. She’s running from it.



nah man just imagine Tonks during her years at Hogwarts making herself look like Dumbledore for no real reason other than to confuse the hell out of other students by plopping down next to them and asking them weirdass questions like if they’ve ironed their socks in the last week and then walking away

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If White Characters Were Described Like People Of Color In Literature

this…this is perfect

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When girls press their whole body against you when they hug, it means they like you a lot.

Also, they’re measuring your body to determine how long it will take them to eat your flesh, a technique they learned from the boa constrictor.

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suljhaane mein tum auro ki uljhane hoti ho jo gum aisha
apni bhi koi uljhan ko door karke dikha do humko

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@OfficalJassa: Two Asians hanging out. @MandiDhillon. #SomeGirls read through.