The apparition of these faces in the crowd
Petals on a wet, black bough

interrupted my reading for tomorrow’s classes to check out the american girl beforever rehaul of the historical line + reintroduction of samantha

thoroughly disappointed

so i’ma go to bed now

a lot of the old ag collectors are full of doom and gloom over the changes that AG is making to the historical line and maybe it’s because I’m in marketing/advertising that I’m not sad and that I actually see it as a good thing? like how many doll lines actually make it as long as AG has? I hate the name Beforever, but if this is a way to reignite interest in the Historical doll line, I’m all for it. Yeah, it’s not the same as the Pleasant Company, but sometimes to keep up with the times you’ve got to make changes!

now my main bone of contention is why there still hasn’t been a black Girl of the Year doll. they could have easily done it this year- Isabelle is from DC.

ugh why did i buy marie-grace that day and not kanani at agpc

why didn’t i just buy both of them

i really like the new illustrations on the revamped american girl historical books! not feeling the huge “beforever” logo though

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reverse buyer’s remorse

Ugh suddenly regretting not buying Kanani when she was available. I figured I didn’t need another Girl of the Year. But she’s very cute, and I’m regretting not buying her now- and her secondary market prices are ABSURD!! Blaargh.

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