"Yo basket, inn points pe inta khush mat ho, agle mahine tak change ho jayenge"
"Very good. Waise bhi main best bante bante thak gayi hoon"

my friend and her boyfriend arman dressed up as jasmine and aladdin for halloween and  I just c a n t with how cute they are

Happy Birthday, Aarti!!!! Ever since you sent me that message asking me if I lived near Chicago a few months ago we’ve just become such good friends and I’ve loved getting to know you! <33 You’re so sweet and fun and crazy and adorbs and I feel like I’ve known you forever even though it’s been such a short time and I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU IN PERSON in a few weeks!!! Hope you’ve had an absolutely lovely day and I hope you love this set of KaSh/Armaan and Riddhima! :))))

aaaah so I was just on Facebook and was tagged in a status by one of my friends and I noticed she tagged someone named Armaan as well and so I obviously clicked on it and you guys he looks like John Abraham


Atul: Armaan! tum Riddhima ke locker ke saath kya kar rahe ho?

jaane-kahaan asked:
"okay your last response did make me laugh for a good 2 minutes.. but I'm being absolutely serious I really am sorry please stop hating on me!!"

Kahaani mein twist, a polite response!

Okay, I’ll be polite back. It’s not that I’m hating on you, I just don’t like that you’ve taken gifs from other folks and literally watermarked them as your own. So if you take EVERY gif down that you did that with and only keep the posts that are your own (like those text posts you make every so often, there’s nothing wrong with those), then we’re cool, cool?

just an fyi to anyone sending complaint emails to Tumblr Support (support@tumblr.com), forever-bollywood has changed their url to bollywood-is-life

jaane-kahaan asked:

Are you serious? Do we really want to go there? Literally everything on your blog! You haven’t responded to anyone else’s messages and I just can’t even with you right now. And you even watermark the stolen gifs with “forever-bollywood” I literally cannot