so many blythe feelings rn this is bad

no money and no dolls in hand


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aaah i miss my blythe dolls

why are they across the ocean :’)

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reverse buyer’s remorse

Ugh suddenly regretting not buying Kanani when she was available. I figured I didn’t need another Girl of the Year. But she’s very cute, and I’m regretting not buying her now- and her secondary market prices are ABSURD!! Blaargh.

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Iris on Flickr.

Last pic! I just wanted to share a pic of each of my five girls with you all, since I uploaded them to the computer today :)

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Penelope and Giselle on Flickr.

Lol, they’re dressed better than I am.

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on the stairs on Flickr.

Love this pic of my girl Joanna!

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Joanna and Cecily on Flickr.

Some might think I’m ridiculous for spending so much money on dolls and their clothes, but they make me smile!

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oh my gosh I’m kind of in love with the bottom left one? SO CUTE!!!

I know, right? I love Bow Wow Trad! Unfortunately now I’m tied because on another forum my friend thinks I should get Veronica Lace first. Other follower people, help?

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So I’m looking to add a third member to my Blythe family! I already own Le Jardin de Maman and Happy Harbor. Heart of Montmartre (top left) is my top choice right now, but I can’t seem to find her anywhere under $800. Which is ridiculous. (if you’re selling her for a more reasonable price please contact me!) So I’m left to choose between Bow Wow Trad, who I’ve been waffling over for a long time, and Veronica Lace, who kind of looks like HoM but not really. So who should I pick?

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This is Penelope! She arrived two weeks ago and I think she’s adorable. I never really went for Blythes before, but now that I’ve got one, I have to say I definitely want more. :)

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