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How to Pet Animals by Adam Ellis

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I needed this when I first got a cat. I had no idea…

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Lupita Nyong’o arrives at the 86th Annual Academy Awards



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The people asked Majnun, “Why do you cry ‘Layla’, ‘Layla’ when she is so dark skinned?”

Majnun replied, “Oh friends, you do not perceive real beauty, for while the pages of the Quran you read are white, the words of the Quran are written in a black ink, a black that is as lovely as my Layla.”






Taylor Swift did the impossible: She became even more obnoxious than we all thought was ever possible.

Look, I’m not going to hate on Taylor Swift for writing songs about her exes. Dudes have been doing that for decades with no repercussions but she perpetuates girl hate in her music. Her lyrics are basically “how to slut-shame 101” and then she’s gonna turn around and do an interview talking about how Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hurt her feelings by telling a joke about her and perpetuating girl hate?

Taylor Swift is like a caricature of herself. She’s goinna whine about how Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are perpetuating girl hate against her and in the same breath talk about how they’re going to Hell for it?

As if she hasn’t made her millions of dollars off the same shit?

The thing about Taylor Swift is that she doesn’t even realize why this interview she gave is hypocritical.



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Okay, I have literally never been so sick of people talking about one person in my entire life.
Like, it’s amazing how little you know about Taylor Swift music to the point where you are regurgitating what has been said about her about one song from four years ago. Jesus fucking christ.
I would never call myself a feminist if feminists made careers off of, or just plain got their jollies on, shitting on my entire life.
Like, how gross is it that you’re using a song written when she was 15/16 to discredit a very valid opinion on HER OWN life four years later, using a very famous feminist quote, as though the quote was too mean for her to use. Way to tone police because you like Tina and/or Amy better than her.

Oh, God, the T-Swift stans have come for me.

You know what? I don’t have a problem with Taylor Swift’s music. I have a problem with the messages she sends to her fans with it, especially because of how young they are. And yeah, we can talk about how young she was when she made it big and how juvenile some of her lyrics were but that’s irrelevant, the fact of the matter is that Taylor still sings songs from Fearless and Speak Now. The messages in that music aren’t going away no matter how many albums she writes that embrace her sexuality and feelings of womanhood, like Red.

Taylor has never said anything reflecting on the lyrics she wrote and sang that slut-shame girls for deigning to have a boyfriend she had a crush on. She’s never come out and said, “I was young but I realize that that wasn’t very fair and I want my fans to understand that you shouldn’t vilify other girls simply for having relationships.” She has never done that.

And even if we disregard that completely and just look at Taylor’s responses in that interview, it’s still immensely hypocritical.

It is hypocritical to talk about how women should help other women and how the two female hosts of the Golden Globes didn’t do that because they made a (very tame) joke about her and then to IMMEDIATELY SAY THAT THEY WILL BURN IN HELL FOR THAT. If you don’t see how saying that is hypocritical, then I can’t help you. 

And, you know, I don’t really think the shit Taylor gets comes from feminists most of the time. Maybe it seems like that because you use tumblr and see a lot of feminists critiquing her but the stuff I see directed at Taylor isn’t coming from feminists. It’s coming from people calling her a whore for dating a lot of people. That is, by far, the most common thing I hear about her and it isn’t coming from feminists.

I don’t see how Taylor identifying as a feminist or not has anything to do with what I said about her interview. It’s irrelevant to what was said and you’re obviously projecting that onto what I wrote, since, hey, I’m not a feminist either and I wasn’t critiquing her from a feminist viewpoint. I know that the quote is a feminist one, but, literally, nothing in the ask or my reply had anything to do with Taylor Swift being reluctant to identify as a feminist. Literally nothing. You pulled that out of nowhere.

And, you know, 15/16 year olds don’t get a pass for their age. I recognize that she’s probably made some personal growth but, again, she still sings those songs (because it was more than just one, okay? I lived through the Fearless and Speak Now periods, too, and it was more than You Belong With Me) and she’s never talked about why those lyrics were probably not the best to use. She never has, not even now that she’s older and has some perspective.

You’ve made a lot of assumptions in your reply and it’s unfortunate because your assumptions about me and why I said what I did have absolutely no relevance to my reply to the original question at all. I don’t inherently like Amy or Tina more than Taylor, in fact I have a lot of problems with Tina Fey, probably more problems with her than I do with Taylor. I don’t really like TIna Fey. She has said even worse shit than Taylor on a whole bunch of different levels and I would never idolize her but I do think that Taylor doesn’t get to use that quote to make herself the victim when she’s been perpetuating girl hate unchecked for years and is continuing to do so.

It’s real convenient to pull out a feminist quote to make herself look like a victim of the big, mean feminists when she has, literally, made her fortune on calling other women whores in her music. And, to be honest, that doesn’t surprise me about Taylor, her entire musical repertoire consists of her playing the victim. Ask me for lyrical examples, I’ve got ‘em.




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