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hands down my favorite outfit she's ever worn - and this mitwa moment aaah - definitely in my top 3 - qubool hai -

hasraton replied to your post: ngl, i am very curious about sanam ahm…

I really hope the leap will help me start watching qubool hai again, can’t wait to see karanvir!

same! I never would have been able to picture him as a positive character bc of his last role, but Gul can make magic- so I’m looking forward to seeing what she does! After all, Sanaya’s Gunjan was a complete 180 from Khushi, as was Asad from Armaan- so with the right people in charge directing acting, magic can happen.

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And maybe it will make things easier to not see Zoya and Asad anymore. I think the problem I had was watching Zoya and Asad on the screen but not seeing them.

yeah, exactly! new characters= new expectations.

and we will finally be free of tanveer! I hope! (well, at least in her current roop)

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wait the leap is happening? I thought the cast didn’t want it happen.

yeah bb it is- if you check the tag you’ll see that they’re already filming the episodes with sanam in it, the leap will take place early next week

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hasraton - vellaipookal - rangeelaa - qh - qubool hai -

ngl, i am very curious about sanam ahmed khan…and may just give qubool hai v.2 a chance! esp because a leap like this will be discarding all the baggage that’s been bogging down the show and caused me to stop watching months ago.

pavitra rishta was able to create magic with purvi and arjun and hooked me back in after I’d stopped watching for a long time (though after they fucked everything up with ovi and all that nonsense and the third leap I stopped again)- perhaps this leap can do the same!

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qh - qubool hai -

Priya + Tinder in London is turning out to be a magical thing, almost every person I’ve swiped right to has also swiped right as well- so far 80+ people, including these two young men :3

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silly nonsense things - beintehaa - qubool hai - tellywood - total bakwaas by priya - my self esteem is going through the fucking roof - i even got a guy named Aman - now if I find an Armaan the trifecta will be complete -

Qubool Hai AU: (10 Things I Hate About You): Ayaan Ahmed Khan is in love with Humeira Siddiqui, the sweetest, cutest, and most popular girl at school.  Unfortunately, as per her super strict dad, Humeira’s not allowed to date anyone unless her older sister Zoya has a boyfriend first, so Ayaan tries to convince his older brother Asad to date her.

Problem is, Asad is a serious neat freak with control issues and no visible sense of humor, while Zoya is a compulsive, impatient firecracker with a quick wit, strong opinions, and a carefree zest for life- and neither of them can stand the other.

Will Ayaan ever be able to convince his older brother to pursue Zoya and help him out? Or will he even have to? As the saying goes, opposites attract, and Asad and Zoya are about as opposite as it gets!

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ah still one of my favorite things that i've ever made for qubool hai - qubool hai -
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ohhh for these days - a year ago now - qubool hai -

lol qubool hai

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qubool hai - qh - what happened to you - you were so good - i haven't watched in months but i'm sad to hear they're pulling out all the stops now - when they could have told the story so nicely -
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a year today omg - how time flies - so much has changed since then - i was so happy when i saw this - still remember coming home from work and sighing at the perfection - qubool hai -

Bhopal ki Beauties and their matching outfits

whooooooooooooaaaa i never even caught the second one and Aaliya was wearing that dupatta for days!! that was my second favorite outfit of Zoya’s, too, after the jashn-e-saugaat one!

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qubool hai - beintehaa -

Mitwa ishq pe zor nahin: ”Mitwa” on the bed/couch

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - this one omfg - so many feelings - qubool hai -