The apparition of these faces in the crowd
Petals on a wet, black bough

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ew yes, I know exactly what you’re talking about… that spit/sneeze smell?? ugh

yes! like whenever it catches the wind while I’m walking I think “shit did I step in something?!” and then I realize nope, no, it’s just those trees again smfh

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rubato wondered,
happy birthday!! <333

Thanks bb!! :D <333 (also let me know what name you chose for Bengali!Bruce! So curious :D)

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#bday 2014 #rubato



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alright time to make some satay chicken and mango sticky rice

lots of coconut tonight

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MANGO STICKY RICE OMG if you can get access to a mango, sticky rice, and some sugar, you can make the sticky rice and warm up the coconut milk with some sugar and pour that over the sticky rice and eat with mango; it’s a thai dessert and SO GOOD

oooh thanks for the suggestion!  I was actually thinking about mango sticky rice right after I made dinner! shall go get a mango from tesco tomorrow :D can probably make the sticky rice on my own, I think! shall google a recipe :))

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i saw one of the drawing blogs i follow talking about it and was sooo confused before i realized what it was, and was just like “…seriously?”

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congrats :D

thanks bb!!

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ah okay—we don’t actually have a wok at home haha, we always just use a big pan… wonder if it’s any different…

haha same applies for big pans! just make sure the heat is cranked up to 7-8 :)

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wait, doesn’t broccoli take longer to cook? how come you add it second to last?

so woks get very hot very fast- you add the broccoli last bc at that point it’s quite hot and the heat is traveling around all the vegetables and it’ll cook faster while still retaining its crunchiness! never fails me. if i add the broccoli beforehand, it gets all soggy

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looks delish *_* enjoy!

thanks! it was amaaaazing :D

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That looks really good. Pass some across the ocean.

it was indeed as good as it looks! if only I could, my friend- wish I could share it with you! i’m full and I’ve still got half left.

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omg that looks sooooo goooooood :))) do you have an order to which you put in the chicken and broccoli? my broccoli always turns out under-cooked >:/

yeah! so point to note- i made this in a wok

but basically i chopped up and then marinated the chicken in soy sauce, sugar, salt, and chilli powder and put it in the fridge

then i chopped up all the vegetables (broccoli, carrots, white onion, bell pepper, two cloves of garlic- diced up into little bits)

cut them fine and small otherwise they will be undercooked always!

that took about an hour, so then i took the chicken out- put oil in the wok and cooked all of the chicken and set it aside (heat was at 6-7)

then I added more oil into the wok and put the onion in, then the garlic (heat is at 6)

then add the carrots

then add the broccoli

then add the bell peppers

whatever vegetables you have, always add broccoli second to last and bell peppers last

toss continuously

move the heat up to 7

then add the sauces in and keep stirring

then add your meat in, toss around

add the black pepper

maybe add a leeetle bit more sauce, add some salt/sugar

toss for a minute or two more

and then you’re done!