it’s actually ridiculous how the littlest things can set off emotional triggers in your brain.

I just went on the Indian McDonald’s website to see what kind of menu options they have and actually started getting choked up and teary because I realized I don’t know when I’m actually going to get the chance to even go to India again? 

And I want to visit so badly but it’s so expensive/I don’t know how I’m going to fit it into my schedule/and I haven’t seen anything other than the inside of people’s houses while two of my British friends traveled through the whole country for several months during their gap year and have seen more of it in that little time than I have in my entire life :(

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sigh -

man i am just not getting anything done right now

why am i so distracted smh @ myself rn

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probs bc i don't really want to work on any of these projects - sigh -

i wish there was a mandir nearby that i could go to

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when you keep starting your sentence over and over again because no one is paying attention to you


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oh hay this is literally me all the time - sigh -

St. Ives, Cornwall, England

this is where I’m NOT going today

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st. ives - cornwall - sigh -



Tumblr, please spread this like WILDFIRE. This teenager has been wrongly suspected of being one of the Boston bombers. He’s scared for his family. 

Please pass it on.


racism kills
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Yesterday I was on the TTC and this blonde girl was sitting right by the doors reading a hardcover copy of The Help and this black guy got on the train and sat down right next to her and she instinctively pulled her handbag and book closer to her

It was like a very sad haiku

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