The apparition of these faces in the crowd
Petals on a wet, black bough


Magically delicious

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so freshman year of college I was in this weird friendship triangle with another girl who liked the same boy as me, really messy. they ended up kissing at the end of the year in front of me and then told her he didn’t know if he liked her and I had to comfort her even as my own heart was broken

it was a very very bizarre little triangle friendship, quite toxic and I should have just gotten out of it and it really kind of screwed me up for the future!

today I found a very odd kind of repetition of the past happening to me

so I met up with a bunch of classmates at a pub tonight and i found myself sitting by that boy and nice bitch and well since I’ve decided I don’t really care about this shit I just talked to them normally like I would to anyone else

during the day it doesn’t seem like they like each other at all, but it was obvious tonight that they are, you know, doing shit, because he faces her when he talks to her and pats her and such. i’m fine with it bc it was a very physical attraction I had to him more than an emotional one so it’s not really a big deal for me anymore? desensitization is great

anyways I didn’t care and I was just talking to them both and talking to the other folks in our group and all of us had a pretty good conversation

and then we all got kicked out bc the pub was closing and we were walking one of the other girls back, and then I saw a cross street that was a shortcut to my street so I called to the others and told them I was gonna walk home and they were all “okay”, so I separated from the pack and then suddenly one of the guys calls “Pri!”

so I turn around

and that guy goes “where do you live?”

so I respond and tell him and he goes “hey, we (referring to himself and cute bitch) can walk you home!”

and i’m like “um okay, if you want”

and the other two guys in our group also separate from the girl who they were going to walk home bc she says she’s fine walking home by herself- odd, right? and join us

so then there are five of us- that guy, nice bitch, and the two other guys, and then the two other guys separate from us so it’s just the three of us walking back

and like, both of them wanted to walk me back all the way to my place??

we passed the street where she lives and then arrived at my place so after they said bye i’m pretty sure they probs went back to his place

but like

why did the two of them specifically want to walk me back home

it was so odd

and we were all talking and our conversation was very much equal, it wasn’t them talking and me just tagging along or anything, they were both engaging with me

and it was like deja vu of freshman year except the two of them have already made out and i’m over it

i have no idea what to make of this??

Not even watching the VMAs but I just saw a gif of Miley “twerking” on my dash…..literally wtffffffff

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Ever wonder how dinosaurs got it on? These bizarre scientific scenes — by an illustrator who worked with Halstead — imagine how the 30-ton prehistoric behemoths had sex.

I’m sorry, but why? Who does this?

These people are perverts, they really put a lot of thought into the faces.




Yo, the lady brontosaurus is UNIMPRESSED.


i just reblogged dinosaur porn, congratz this blog is finally complete

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today i learned it took a team of 11 people to write fergalicious


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This is not a joke.

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wtf is this shit

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