These are for the haters.

Before you reblog this and add nasty tags, just know that I forgive you for your compulsive need to spread hate. I forgive you for your inability to treat strangers with respect. I forgive you for your uncontrollable anger.

And most of all, know that my love for you is stronger than your hate for me. I truly wish nothing but goodness towards you.

Blessed be. Namaste. <3

this is the most passive aggressive post i have ever seen oh my god

shut up white girl

is that a bindi with a pentagram? 


Nobody cares. Your foolery is boundless. #sillywhitepeople

lmao bye

you know nothing about my culture and religion

don’t try to “forgive” me with your made-up, co-opted “religion” that you concocted based on the KEWL aspects of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Fuck off.

ahahaha this is the actual worst thing I have seen today

well, it nearly ties with the Shiva as girly fashion. Still, this is in a league all its own.

What in the actual fuck is she doing, mixing kawaii hand movements with pentagrams and grinning with her teeth with those tackyass feather earrings and flower sticker masquerading as a bindi?