withasperity replied to your post: wow, he’s stolen my toblerone campaign…

Wow, what a dick move! :/

yeah really stupid though, because if anyone sees that campaign on his site and likes it and asks him how he made it he won’t be able to say anything

sidharthmalhotras replied to your post: wow, he’s stolen my toblerone campaign…

whenever you post a text post, i always feel like you are this massive secret agent who gets set assignments and stuff and has this arch enemy…too cool

lololol!!! that’s one way to put it

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damn, has it been so long? wow!

yeah! started it before my final year of college, then i worked for a year, then i’ve been here in england for 9 months…time flies!

giggleshrug replied to your post: Literally only took this picture for y…

you’re soooo cute

hahaha ty, it’s a natural talent

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The beaming victor!


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Go take a picture and say it is forum weird Florida friend

lol!! i just took a picture, they’ve both gone to a pub quiz so i’m in the house alone

my one housemate really enjoyed the dal and broccoli/carrots! he said his stomach is very happy :D

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you are so pretty!!

thanks jess!! :))

withasperity replied to your post “why can i no longer do likes/page/300 or other random likes?? that was…”

I think tumblr only lets you look back so many likes — about 2000? and after that, it becomes spotty or unusable, esp. if you’ve deleted some. I can only see ~15 pages of my old likes, and the rest are just recent ones I clear out weekly. :/

i’ve actually never had a problem with it! bc I have so many, i often just pick a random page- 555, 783, whatever number comes to mind, and pick a bunch of likes from there to reblog/start cleaning up my blog

uggh this is the worst, i just sent another email to tumblr support

and i’m going to keep emailing them everyday until they give me a solution

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I see short-term as maybe playing by ear—a date is not a promise for further commitment or another date. Always amicable + open about it, though!

that makes sense! You’re not going to know the other person overnight, of course. though it’s funny- with the exception of maybe two of my crushes, all of my crushes have always been people I’ve been friends with first with no feelings on my  side for quite a while, so it’s kind of hard to switch mindsets (not that it’s led to any success on my part).

Guess it’s best to not overthink anything!

withasperity asked:
"if you get more jackasses in your inbox, feel free to send 'em my way if you want/can. I'm all over the place today, but I don't have to deal with them on a daily basis and if they just want to shout at a wall, just as well it's not yours. :/"

Haha thanks Jess :)

withasperity asked:
"oh gross! I'm sorry you're getting such nasty, racist anons. you're a gem, even when dealing with their garbage. I hope the rest of your day is super awesome <3"

Thanks bb <3 :)

I’m having a great day, actually! Racist idiots who are too cowardly to come off anon don’t even make me blink tbh, they’re the scum of the earth and deserve to be mocked, not  feared.